Facts About Baypamun

and its effectiveness and availability

Many people have contacted me, asking me about a treatment for feline leukemia called Baypamun. My research into the availability of this drug has led me to the conclusion that Baypamun is not available in North America (and will not be for quite some time) due to FDA concerns. Because of the way Baypamun is manufactured, there is concern about the possibility of "Mad Cow Disease (MDC)" contanination. You see, Baypamun is cultured on Bovine kidney tissue, so, because of the recent scare regarding cows and MCD, the FDA won't allow it into the US. It is widely available, though, in countries like Germany- home of Bayer Corporation which manufactures it.

There are many "anecdotal" stories about the effectiveness of Baypamun as a treatment for FeLV+ cats. There is also a well-substantiated rumor that experimental studies of Baypamun are being done at the Bayer Co. in Kansas at this moment. Further information about all of this is sketchy at best, so I'll leave this subject with a link to a site that is devoted to Baypamun as a treatment for FeLV. You can find this site at: Corax.com If you have information (or corrections) that you'd like to contribute to this page, please send them to me at: phaedrus@charter.net, and I'll add them as quickly as I possibly can.

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