What Is ImmunoRegulin?

What is ImmunoRegulin?
ImmunoRegulin is a biological product which can stimulate an animalís immune system to defend itself against disease. The key ingredient is a naturally occurring, killed whole cell bacteria which is proven to safely and effectively stimulate an immune response.

How does it work?
The immune system is the animalís first line of defense against pathogenic viral and bacterial infections. ImmunoRegulin can recruit the bodyís defenses by increasing the activity of certain cells which can destroy and eliminate the infectious material.

When should it be used?
An animal may not be able to defend itself against an infectious agent when the immune system is not functioning properly. Defective immune comditions may be due to stress, poor nutrition, old age, genetics, or chronic disease processes. A severely impaired immune system may not be able to respond to usual methods of treatment. ImmunoRegulin may be added to conventional therapy in order to stimulate the needed immune response.

Can ImmunoRegulin be used in treating skin problems in dogs?
In cases of recurrent, chronic bacterial skin infections (pyoderma), ImmunoRegulin has been shown to promote faster healing and more complete recovery. This type of infection can suppress the animalís immune response. It is important that the animal continue receiving therapy determined by the veterinarian, usually an antibiotic, along with the ImmunoRegulin.

ImmunoRegulin does not directly kill an infectious agent, but stimulates the immune system to combat disease. In contrast, antibiotics have a direct killing effect on certain bacteria. ImmunoRegulin can enhance the beneficial effect of antibiotics.

How is ImmunoRegulin adminstered?
ImmunoRegulin is administered intravenously (IV). IV injection insures that the active ingredients in ImmunoRegulin reach the proper cells (macrophages) in sufficient concentrations to enhance the desired immune response.

How long should treatment continue?
Your veterinarian will schedule ImmunoRegulin injections based on the patientís improvement; most often the dosage is two injections a week for one or two weeks, and then one injection a week until symptoms are alleviated. ImmunoRegulin may be safely administered until the animal no longer exhibits signs of disease or infection. Monthly injections of ImmunoRegulin may be necessary to maintain a stimulated immune system and thus reduce the severity of the disease. This would improve the quality of life for your pet.

Are there any side effects with ImmunoRegulin treatment?
Occasionally, there may be a minor rise in temperature, chills, temporary loss of appetite, or sluggishness a few hours after the injection. Vomiting rarely occurs. Normalcy is obtained within 24 hours.

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