c. See recommendations for FeLV Testing, #13.

13. Discordant results are defined as conflicting test results, usually being an ELISA positive and IFA negative result. Discordancy can occur due to testing in the early phase of infection: antigenemia without viremia (no intact virus); or a false positive ELISA due to faulty technique or cross reactive antigens. These cats should be montitored by both ELISA and IFA assays at 4-8 week intervals for at least 90 days.

d. Panelists were split as to the necessity of performing confirmatory testing on sick cats with ELISA positive test results. Clinicians are urged to use their best medical judgement as to whether additional testing is necessary in this groups of cats.

e. If the cat has potential for recent exposure to FeLV or if the clinical signs present are typical of FeLV infection, recheck by ELISA is justified in 90 days.

f. If the clinical presentation of the cat is consistent with a retrovirus infection, other confirmatory tests may be warranted.

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