g. Anecdotal reports of revision to FIV-Ab negative status may justify periodic reevaluation by Western Blot or IFA.
h. Because seroconversion may not take place before 3 to 4 months or longer post infection, reassessment of FIV-Ab status is justified. Additionally, kittens less than 16 weeks of age are presumed to have diminished immune response as compared to normal adult cats; this may enhance the likelihood that exposure to FIV will result in infection. This increased risk of infection could justify reevaluation of a negative FIV-Ab test depending on the kitten's historical exposure status.
i. It is emphasized that FIV infection generally carries a more favorable prognosis, both with regard to longevity and relative immune function, than does infection with FeLV. Therefore, a continued positive FIV-Ab status has uncertain relevance to the prognosis and therapeutic management of the cat.

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