Treating FeLV With Newer Methods

Only veterinarians can request these drugs from these sources.

ImmunoRegulin by Neogen 1-888-282-8381

Note: Immunoregulin is available from Neogen for "extra-label-use" only.

This drug is not recommended for use once a cat develops any type of lymphosarcoma. It is also recommended that the FeLV+ cat be taken off of steroids such as "Prednisone" at least a week before starting this treatment- although I've recieved two reports that have suggested using Prednisone in conjunction with Immunoregulin if the associated anemia is severe.

PROTOCOL:  Proprionibacterium acnes (Immumoregulin via Immunovet)

Protocol A.
0.5ml IV twice a week for 2weeks. Then 0.5ml
once a week for 3 weeks.
Then 0.5ml IV once a month for 2 months or as
needed to maintain health status.

Protocol B.
0.5ml/cat IV once or twice a week as needed

Overview of Immunoregulin
Volume of Opinion Warrants Merit by Dr. Mike Lies DVM
Raise Hope for FeLV- Positive Cats by Dr. Karen Thomas DVM


Carrington Labs
2001 Walnut Hill Lane
Irving, Tx 75038

PROTOCOL: Acemannan (Carrisyn): 2mg/kg IP weekly.
NOTE: Oral doses of Acemannan are not yet available.

Study of Acemannan's positive effects on FeLV+ Cats at Texas A&M
U. Texas (Houston) research on Acemannan (scroll down to: animal studies)

Interferon Alpha

Island Pharmacy Services
1707 Highway 51 N.
Woodruff, Wisconsin 54568

PROTOCOL:  Human recombinant alpha interferon:
Protocol A.
30 units per day orally (targetted at the tonsils) for seven days on,
then seven days off, alternately until the symptoms subside.
Protocol B.
30 units orally (under the tongue) every third day until symptoms subside.

Smudge: An Interferon success story
Dr. Mike Richards on Interferon for FeLV

Lymphocyte T-Cell Immune Modulator

IMULAN BioTherapeutics, LLC

Information on this drug and its protocols can be found at: this Wikipedia article.

Staph Protein A

1) Amersham Pharmacia Biotech 800 526 3593
2) Sigma Chemical Company 800 325 3010
3) Pierce Chemical 800 874 3723
4) ProZyme 800 457 9444

PROTOCOL: 20ug/2.75 kg given IP twice weekly or 500 to 5000ug/cat (ave. 2000 ug) twice weekly.


PROTOCOL: None given.

A Short Summary on the Status of Baypamun

Holistic Options

Alternative Veterinary Medicine Homepage
The Original Holisticat (TM) -- the place for cat lovers who wish to treat their cats using non-invasive means.

Moducare (hypoxin)

Information about Sterols and Sterolins

Other Treatments We're Researching

Epogen as a red blood cell booster for the anemic cat
New strains of the virus

If you have information on these treatments, please contact me so that I can add it as soon as possible. Thank You.

References: Dr. Deborah Davenport, Topeka, KS
Dr. Fred Scott per CVC notes, Ithaca, NY
"The 5 Minute Veterinary Consultant:  Canine and Feline" by Tilley and Smith, 1997
Abstract of Aloe (Acemannan) studies on FeLV
Other abstacts concerning studies on FeLV

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